Cleaning Holiday Lets in Dorset

Lisa Papworth

Dorset Maid specialises in cleaning holiday lets in Dorset.

Cleaning Holiday Lets Service Dorset

What better way to provide your holiday guests than a clean, fresh property?

Cleaning Holiday Lets Dorset

Imagine the sheer delight in your guests opening the door and finding a  clean and tidy property? And preferably with a welcome pack of fresh milk,  bread and butter, coffee and tea; so they do not have to rush out and buy a  load of shopping; they can relax straight away.

At Dorset maid we provide a professional service cleaning holiday lets for any style of property for a clean tidy and a welcome pack delivered – if you so wish; so that your holiday rental property is spick and span, clean, gleaming and ready for any guest.

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See an email to enquire more at our holiday let cleaning service contact form or call 01258 480205.